Born and raised in Blue Ridge, Georgia by the only drama teacher in the area, Laina grew up in the theatre. What began as a passion for performance revealed itself through time to be a desire to shine a light on ideas that matter. Ever obsessed with words, Laina carefully crafts content in the hopes of making people laugh, making people think, and making people feel less alone. She believes that the ideas swirling around in our heads belong out in the world where they can meet and intertwine, becoming the ropes we throw out to rescue each other from the deep pits and the inevitable undertows. She simultaneously understands that sometimes it’s not quite that deep, and we all just need a laugh.

Laina resides on the Upper Westside of Atlanta with her brilliant fiancé and the best damn Beagle to ever exist. She has experience in both commercial casting and talent representation and is an active member of the Atlanta film community. She can typically be found eating Mexican food, singing a song she just made up about the very mundane task she’s performing, or taking way too long to tell a story (that’s probably not even a good one). She’s a big fan of Alanis Morissette, Coca-Cola, and the Jacksonville Jaguars sleeping through football games on rainy Sunday afternoons (sorry, honey).

For questions, concerns, or collaborations, reach out!


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